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NABS 2011 Convention Committee meeting Jackson Tennessee

34th Annual Conference: North American Bluebird Society

Bluebirds Across America is a conservation, education and environmental venture which promotes the continued recovery of bluebirds. The project uses U.S. Highway 70 as a backbone route to contact communities across the country to be involved with bluebird recovery. As an Affiliate of the North America Bluebird Society, we join many other Tennesseans across our state to enjoy the bluebird and work to involve other individals and organizations. We connect with school children wherever possible to teach and get them to take part in this venture. Where possible we encourage those on the trail to be conscious of the environment.

We work with adults who have cancer through Camp Bluebird. This is a three-day camp for them two times a year and part of their time is spent building bluebird nestboxes. Each year for the last 18 years these campers have built 180 nestboxes to be placed in their community.

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